People dating traditions in 1980 s

By 2015, 371 of the participants had broken up or gotten divorced.

Women initiated 69 percent of the 92 divorces, Rosenfeld found.

For instance, American women are usually younger than their husbands, earn less money and often take their husband's last name, Rosenfeld said.

[The Science of Breakups: 7 Facts About Splitsville] The book "The Changing Rhythms of American Family Life" (Russell Sage Foundation, 2006) found that, although married fathers increased child care time between 19, married mothers still spent more time overall on family caregiving (41 hours per week for mothers versus 22 hours per week for fathers), Rosenfeld said in the study.

Wives also cook and clean an average of 10 hours more per week than husbands do, he said.

Among the nonmarital breakups, people had the following answers: The reasons behind each breakup are intriguing, but "it [will] take a study with far greater depth of information than [this one] to fully understand why women are less satisfied in marriage than men are," Rosenfeld said in the study.When not writing, you'll find Laura playing Ultimate Frisbee. From shoulder pads to boomboxes, the crazes of the 1980s pushed the limits of style and technology in a way that had rarely been seen before."I assumed, and I think other scholars assumed, that women's role in breakups was an essential attribute of heterosexual relationships, but it turns out that women's role in initiating breakups is unique to heterosexual marriage." According to the surveys, married women reported they were less satisfied with the quality of their relationships than married men were.In contrast, women and men in nonmarital relationships reported similar levels of relationship quality, Rosenfeld found.

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