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He was not one who would like to see their local Society merged into a larger or even into a national one. 3 practical fouting, and have reu'iilar competitions on the occasion of the annual gathering, but it was quite an open question, whether by multiplying their aims and objects — federating with other Societies, taking up home-made cloths and other native industries, and such like arrangements — they should not injure the standing Y.aicli the Society had gained as a fountain of literai'y and scholastic matter. The Nineteeuth Ajimial Assembly of the Society was held in the Music Hall on 9th July, 1891.Anns a cheud dol a mach tha agam ri mor bhuidheachas a thoirt do'n Chomunn Gaidhealach, air son a chuireadh a thug iad dhomh, air son tighinn 'nur measg aig an am so.

Gheibh sinn a Bheurla •daonnan, ach an uair is aill leinn labhairt a mach o'n chridhe, is eiginn do m' leithid-se dol air ar ii-ais gus na briathran a bha air an labhairt air feadh Albainn guleir, aims na laithean 's an tug'ur n-aithrichean dubhlan do gach namhaid, co dhiubh thigeadh iad a Sasunn 'san airde Deas, no a Lochlunn 's an aii-de 'n Ear.

For example, an excellent series of Gaelic folk-lore and folk- tales was being published in London, by Mr David Nutt, the authors being two well-known Gaelic scholars, Revs.

Unfortunately Gaelic publications and literatiu-e did not always pay publisher or author.

One of the musical gems of the evening, " Mackintosh's Lament," was sung by Miss Kate Frasei', with humming accompaniment by the choir.

A most interesting and thoroughly Highland musical ])ro- gramme was gone through, and great credit is due to Mr Roddie's select choir for their excellent rendering of the different songs.

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6 — The Frasers of Guisachan, styled "Mac Huistean" — Mr Charles Fraser-Mackintosh of Drummond, M. Provost Koss, who wore the Highland costume, cccupied the chair, taking the place of the absent Chief, Mr Fletcher of Rosehaugh. Mackenzie; Mr Colin Chisholm, Namur Cottage, Inverness ; Rev. Shortly after eight o'clock the proceedings com- menced by the Secretary intimating apologies for absence from the following gentlemen among many others : — Mr Douglas Fletcher of Rosehaugh, Chief of the Society ; The Mackintosh ; Sir Kenneth 1 2 Gaelic Society of Inuerness.

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