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Binge drinking is positive and should spread and be stimulated. We encourage every open debate about binge drinking including controversial topics, cultural background and health issues.3.Binge drinking girls should never be the object of derogatory remarks, but rather be praised and encouraged to drink more.4.Health arguments should never be abused as moral prescriptions._____________________________________Gruppenregeln:1.Komasaufen ist positiv, sollte verbreitet und dazu ermuntert werden.2.Very often people (especially women) enter into binge drinking to achieve just this.

Viele (besonders Frauen) beteiligen sich am Komasaufen um gerade das zu erreichen.

Waehrend Komasaufen traditionellerweise ein Vorrecht der Maenner war, ist die Zahl der Frauen, die sich am Komasaufen beteiligen steil gestiegen.

Das Wachstum von weiblichem Komasaufen uebersteigt nun bei weitem das der Maenner.

Any modern or vintage, amateur or pro, older/younger and straight girl seductions are welcome.

Scenes should not contain men or trans in a sexual role, heavy bondage, pain or humiliation, nor vomit, scat or pee. maybe pee.) my gf is a nurse and one of her nursing colleagues is a hot russian girl with a policeman for a bf.

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