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She speaks to him like anyone she'd be pleased to see, without any awkwardness. You remember Fleur Delacour from Beauxbatons, Harry? And she's staying here for the summer planning the wedding and if I hear one more word about what colors we've all got to wear I think I'll scream.

She looks different from the last time Harry saw her: older, subtly made-up, quite pretty.

GINNY WEASLEY enters through the door, bearing a breakfast tray. I have the most marvelous idea for how you and my sister could wear your hair for the wedding. Fleur leaves; Ginny dramatically rolls her eyes and goes after her, Hermione stifling a giggle. That you've got to kill Voldemort or he's got to kill you? It could have said that he was doomed to become Voldemort, or something.

HERMIONE That's what Dumbledore said about the Prophecy? The Prophecy was smashed before any of them could hear it.

He stops upon the street; Harry stops too and faces him. I would encourage you to keep both her and your friend Ron Weasley close this year.

We will need allies among all the houses in the times to come. Your friend Miss Granger has been invited to stay as well.

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