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Those scoring in the top 5% have been allocated an extra 100,000 litres with the remaining literage to be allocated to a waiting list of new TSDG suppliers including young and/or new entrants.

Each of the 700 TSDG farmers now has their own first years QVIS score out of a maximum 100, with the best in class achieving 89 and the top 5% averaging 81.

And the environment that dairy products operate in is becoming more hostile all the time, as anti-dairy groups turn up the heat.

Its time to kill the anti-dairy myth and to stand up and trumpet the industrys dairy promise with the help of some endorsements and medical experts.Proud of Dairy still is a great Dairy UK initiative (and NOT, as some think, an NFU initiative).It points out that a minority of vocal players, including animal welfare activists, vegan groups and non-dairy alternative brands are questioning the industrys credentials and that the consistent anti-dairy messaging from these groups has triggered doubts amongst some of our younger consumers to the point some believe even their most extreme comments are true.Since its launch in 2007 I calculate the TSDG cost to Tesco taking its TSDG price compared it to the average Dairy Co price (which actually includes the TSDG price) indicates Tescos financial investment in terms of the additional money paid to farmers is 300 million , with minimal benefit to Tesco.QVIS basically drives efficiency and is a scoring mechanism, which indicates whether a farm is operating to a satisfactory standard as per the retailers Code of Practice.

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Out of 7.2 million dairy postings/conversations there were 172,000 vegan and dairy free threads, 14,200 lactose intolerance and 2,700 dairy alterative threads.

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