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You cannot go into a conversation looking for ways to demonstrate your value or talk about how awesome you are; you have to be interested in the other person.

For example, don’t ask someone “Hey, where have you traveled recently?

Settle in; allow yourself to be focused on the other person in that moment.

Anxiety has a tendency to turn our focus inward; when you do, it’s difficult to even hear what the other person is saying.

One question we get frequently is, “How do I become a better listener?

” Listening is an important social skill we need if we want to really connect with other people.

” Open-ended questions allow the other person to elaborate and show off their personality. The important thing here is to practice using empathy.

Try to make sure you know the direction the conversation is going.The fifth and final tip I want you to understand is that you don’t need to be a standup comedian when you’re going out and meeting people.When you show that you’re listening and involved in the conversation, it’s not about having the witty one-liners or making sure everyone know’s you’re funny — that takes away from the interaction.Most people know listening is important, but a lot of us (especially those of us with a little social anxiety) end up in our heads, over-thinking things.The problem is that when we’re stuck in our heads, it’s too hard to follow along with the conversation.

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There were numerous people in the class who had never given a speech, and therefore couldn’t even relate to what I was saying. Focusing on the emotion behind people’s answers will help you relate and connect to that person. We know that verbal communication is only part of the equation and being a good listener is listening with your eyes your ears.

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