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Also: modern alabaster, a lime sulfate which can be highly polished but is easily scratched, popular in 14th-century Europe for tomb effigies.Alla prima Technique, commonly used in painting since the 19th century, whereby an artist completes a painting in one session without having provided layers of underpainting.African Art Guide to classical African sculpture, religious and tribal artworks and more.Airbrush Instrument for spraying paint, propelled by compressed air.

Aesthetics Philosophy applied to art, which attempts to formulate criteria for the understanding of the aesthetic (rather than utilitarian) qualities of art.

Altarpiece In Christian church architecture, the picture or decorated screen behind the altar.

It may consist of a single painting or an elaborate group of hinged panels.

Ancient Art Umbrella term encompassing early forms of creative expression from ancient Mediterranean civilizations, like Sumerian, Egyptian, Minoan, Mycenean, Persian.

Animalier (Animal Artist) Term was originally used to describe the 19th-century school of French bronze sculptors who specialized in small animal figures.

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