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The now open upstairs bar at Pook is said to feature girls.It seems a strange idea as the downstairs bar is solidly lady boy.from the outside, you wouldn't really notice anything different. Inside the main bar, it still looks pretty much the same. New sofas and wall treatments and the addition of a big bike on display (presumably the angels in the name are more to do with motorbikes than celestial singing)DMT's, like most Soi 6 bars, had shit rooms, shit beds, shit showers and shit lighting. The new Dutch owner spent the money where it counts: In the bedroom.New entrance, new doors, new walls, flooring, everything.I have always been looked after well in the bar There is a computerised music system with every track known to man.They allow a bit of naughty stuff in the bar but they make of a play of shutting doors and standing guard. There's no bar theme linking the bar with either Spanish bull fighting or even the Birmingham shopping centre.

Gone is the communal shower with the half-working hot water and obligatory bucket.Once you've got a drink in front of you, you might as well be invisible at this bar. One time I was there, the guy next to me had something like four ladydrinks in front of him. I had thought I was ignored on my first visit because there was a football match on and perhaps the girls had been instructed not to chat up customers who were watching the game. The second time around, I was still ignored, but at least I didn't buy four ladydrinks for non-existent ladies like the poor sap next to me. It seems to have been taken over by the people who previously had the popular Soi 6 Corner Bar on the opposite corner, before the building was redeveloped into an empty space. You can go and have your fun nearby with your new "friend" then come back and relax in the bar and even have a game of pool on the nice slate-bed table.A few changes seem to have occurred in this bar over the last year. The general atmosphere in the bar definitely seemed different from all other bars down the street when I visited it. If you want to listen to your favourite song you can be your own DJ on the computer disco system. Now returned to British Bulldog, see below Lured in by a suitably good looking girl, but then things went downhill a bit.Now each room has its own shower with good water temp and pressure.There is inset incandescent lighting and new beds and mattresses.

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