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The sound of the sliding door opening again draws the girls attention as they watch Sue emerge into the sunshine. And speaking of excitement, she notices her nipples are clearly poking out as she feels another wave of flush hit her cheeks with the looks the girls are giving her.Stephanie's friend's gasp, covering their mouths giggling behind their surprised eyes. Feeling a bit brave she cups both and lifts them saying, "What's wrong with it? " Shaking her head snickering, starting to feel her cheeks flush as well, Stephanie replies "Mmmm no no, it's perfect!PLEASE VISIT AND SUPPORT our Patreon campaign at Skylar where you can find LOADS of EXCLUSIVE photosets and videos! Fiona is the sexy little cis(she has a vagina) redhead who can't get enough of Skylar's 10" cock.

A nice dip in the pool would be absolutely perfect after a week like this, so she goes to her room, peeling off her shirt and bra, then rummages in her dresser for a swim suit.The other girls stop splashing about, eagerly watching with anticipation as the ball floats towards the bikini clad mom.Instinctively she reaches up and to the side to grab the ball, her breasts bouncing in the tight top.Stephanie's fingers got accidently caught in the strings as she was hiding.With all the commotion going on nobody was even looking, all their heads turned keeping their faces from getting splashed straight on.

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" before slipping into the pool, trying to hide and cool off with the rest of her friends, grabbing the blow-up beach ball floating in the water she yells out to her mom "Heads up!

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