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Newspapers published in the week of Waterloo make it clear that the first person to bring authentic news of the victory at Waterloo to London was not Nathan Rothschild; rather, it was a man who had learnt of it in the Belgian city of Ghent and made a dash to England.This shadowy figure, identified only as "Mr C of Dover", was telling his story freely in the City from the morning of Wednesday 21 June – at least 12 hours before the official news arrived.Though they had been little known in 1815, by 1846 the Rothschilds had become the Rockefellers or the Gateses of their age, their name a byword for fabulous wealth.Nathan himself had died in 1836 and so could not rebut the claims.

Further backing for the legend came in the form of an entry in the 1815 diary of a young American visitor to London, James Gallatin.

Was there any truth to this revised version, or to any of the other variants that have surfaced over the years? The legend has had innocent uses – for example, the former CIA chief Allen Dulles repeated it in a 1963 book on espionage as he wanted to illustrate the value of early information.

Other writers have adopted the tale simply as a good yarn, without any anti-Semitic intent.

Even the Rothschild family, always deeply uncomfortable with the story, has tried to domesticate it.

Their preferred version glosses over any alleged profits and stresses that Nathan's first action on hearing of the victory had been that of any good citizen of the time: he informed the government.

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