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Their Fetish & Fantasy menu comprises a Golden Shower sharing cocktail and a Foxplug cocktail, served with a butt plug – if this doesn’t get the convo started, seriously nothing will. You’ll want a catch-up mid-evening, and Sketch offers the perfect excuse because everyone here loves heading to the toilets for a selfie.

Seriously, the toilets here are little white eggs that play bird song on loop and you and your mate can go hide behind them to discuss whether or not you want to swap dates. Bar Termini Get a £1 espresso to shake you up (these Italians are taking coffee old school), order two Rose Negronis and ask the pros to keep ‘em coming.

If this has gone down well, find more secret bars for date no 2.

Basement Sate Sweeten up your date here ‘cos they’re all about wicked cocktails and delicious desserts.

Downstairs it’s all private, with everyone getting their own train like booth, so if the date goes well.. And you’ve probably heard about the Champagne button in your booth that delivers you a glass in seconds. Enjoy the playlist of party classics and when Purple Rain comes on and the lights change to violet, that’s your cue to start dancing.

Hawksmoor Spitalfields This is where the friendliest bartenders in the city work, they’ll will give you a wink when your date turns up and pour you something strong if they don’t.If getting tipsy on tequila, surrounded by the super cool worn down decor and the smell of some of London’s best Mexican food isn’t enough to make this date a good one you can head to the adjoining restaurant and make a run for it through the neighbouring sex shop. You’re looking for an epic cocktail bar Oriole You can’t really beat Best New International Cocktail Bar and oh boy is it rockin’.Upmarket tiki chic vibe with palm print walls and a touch of colonial. Live music to set the tone – think jazz, funk, swing and blues to shake your snake hips too.Go for a Mayfair Lady with a side of juicy Oysters – and Beluga Caviar if you’re really out to impress.Bob Bob Ricard If you’ve got the cash to flash on a first date then it’s got to be Bob Bob Ricard, with this lavish 1930’s-style bar. Smithfield You can’t not have a good time at the booze playhouse that is Cocktail Trading Company and the cocktails will do nothing but impress when they rock up in welly boots, miniature graveyards and Chinese take-out boxes, and they use epic garnishes like candyfloss and maple bacon noodles.

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