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He raved about me and kept saying things like you are the best and there is nothing bad about you. But then all of the sudden he stop calling and texting. Well he was the one who wanted me around 24/7 and he wanted me in his bed all the time. We piss each other off all the time but within a few minutes we are back to kissing and laughing...It is definitely true love ;) Okay so there are sooo many positive comments here about the Aries men... we made a huge mistake of having sex with his best friend.

We have the exact same goals, dreams and ambitions. About a year and a half into it, he got drunk one night and ended up with a girl less than half his age. its cat and mouse between us but the sex is mind blowing!! He had me on a Rollercoaster then just literally dropped me off the ride. I found that pretty amazing as she's a fairly well known astrologer.And while it can be crazy when I get jealous and start thinking that he doesn't care, usually he's a really sweet, charming guy.When we're in the "off" stage, it's usually because I freak out about something and walk away from him.She became pregnant and though he cried while telling me how this had ruined his life and how miserable he was with her... : D I do get very jealous and I no that he's stated to see his ex again (even though he says he's not! I ordered one of his "are we compatible" packages and it made sense of a lot of long term issues with my Aries husband. we have been together for about 3 years and I just have to laugh when it read about the other couples posts because its exactly like mine & his relationship!) but I cant seem to say no he just looks at me with those amazing passionate eyes and I melt!! We are definitely soulmate..have an extremely intense relationship and plan on getting married one day.

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Well that's the negative, but on the positive side, the sex is phenomenal! We also switch off nights on whos turn it is to do their fetish or role play. we might even do something he wants during our lunch break, then do what I want after work, that way its all in one day.

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