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The perfect English panorama must include both a windmill and a sailing ship.A generation ago it was a common one in our countv.This is difficult to believe, for the extreme life of a wooden mill is about 200 years.The windmill of 1618 was probably a successor to " King Harry's Mill," as the historical mill came to be called.and yet did not fall; and being turned round with another bridle by the King, he ascended directly to the gate, through which he entered unhurt, and the people who were waiting for him were filled with wonder and delight at his miraculous escape." 12 an engine for throwing stones in warfare, in old English called a " sweep." which was also another term for the sail of a windmill; 13 gathered; 11 went with his pride and his great boast; 15 brought; did much sin; 1 7 that let pass over sea the Earl of Warren; 1 8 and borne it hence; 19 chin : i.e., swore by his beard; 20 had; 21 house, home: 22 weapon: 23 head, 21 grant their; 25 from the Harl.Collection.26 The mill in which the King of the Romans took refuge is believed to have stood on the site of the Black Horse Inn. which shows a windmill on this site, it was said to have been standing at that date."The Times" and other newspapers have recently drawn attention to the fact that the windmill is fast disappearing, especially in Sussex.

Only a few days before he had defied the Barons to fight.

Indeed, so fierce was the attack of De Montfort's troops that the panic in the division led by the King of the Romans became a wild flight.

Among those who fled for their lives were Richard and his son.

was about to survey the fleet at the lowest station, it happened that he approached a certain windmill, of which there were several in the town; and his horse being frightened with the noise of the mill and with the quickly revolving sails, refused to proceed; and as the horse was vigorously urged on by the King by whip and spur, he leapt over the bulwarks; upon which out of the multitude of horse and foot who followed the King, or had collected to have a look at him, no one thought but that the King had perished, or at least had been stunned by the leap.

But divine providence so disposing, the horse fell upon his feet, even from such a height, into a road, which, from recent rains, was so softened with mud, into which the horse was able to slip for twelve feet.

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