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was insane when he kidnapped Michael, shot Alan, and tried to kill Jason Fugitive; fled town to avoid arrest Blackmailed Tracy Quartermaine to obtain the position of C. As a student at Port Charles University, he began running a loan shark operation and was arrested for drunk driving for the first time. was forced to go to work as an orderly at General Hospital. at ELQ [Jan 2013] Instructed Duke Lavery to steal a jar of Pickle-Lila relish from Tracy Quartermaine [Feb 2013] Threatened Connie Falconeri and choked her [Aug 2013] Held a gun on Connie Falconeri and threatened to kill her [Aug 2013] Arrested for the murder of Connie Falconeri [Aug 2013; found not guilty] Attempted to strangle Ava Jerome [Mar 4, 2014] Alcoholism Admitted to an alcohol rehab program Nearly died of alcohol poisoning and admitted to a detox program [Oct 2000] Broken back from a fall that resulted in paralysis [April 2005] Treated for injuries sustained after a boxing match with Sonny Corinthos [Dec 2012] Suffers from panic attacks [diagnosed Feb 2013] Punched by Sonny Corinthos following a verbal altercation [May 2013] Treated for injuries sustained after Sonny Corinthos hit him over the head with a gun and assaulted him [Aug 2013] Shot in the chest by Sonny Corinthos and required surgery [Mar 4, 2014] Suffered an aneurysm while recovering from surgery [Mar 11, 2014] Underwent surgery to repair an aneurysm and lapsed into a coma [Mar 19, 2014] Died from injuries sustained after being shot [Mar 31, 2014] A. was always a troubled child who grew up to develop a drinking problem that led to many poor choices and failed relationships. was suspended from a meat hook and threatened with death until he relinquished all rights to his son. continued drinking and began devising ways to squander his money. banded with Ned to protect Emily from Edward's tyranny. The black sheep brother and sister became friends, confidantes, and co-conspirators. It wasn't love that drove him-he was selling the young woman the ultimate "Pretty Woman" fantasy as part of a plot to drive Sonny crazy and to get his son Michael back. married Carly and they shared custody of Michael with Jason.

hired the former owner of the Oasis to stalk Courtney, while A. One day she found him in his hotel room, unconscious. J.'s date, but only weeks later, she left town on a secret assignment, saying goodbye to him without a great deal of warmth. Afterwards, Sonny adopted Michael and then renamed him Michael Corinthos III. He shamelessly pursued Hannah Scott, the only person who seemed to care about him, even though she was dating Marcus Taggert. realize how important family was, so he moved back into the mansion. Carly was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late; she had suffered a miscarriage. reached out to Carly, she jerked away and then stumbled down the stairs just as Sonny walked in. for the loss of their child, so they took steps to cut A.

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Though he originally blackmailed her into helping him fight Carly and Sonny for custody of Michael, the scheme was abandoned because of their genuine empathy for each other, and Skye's hatred of Sonny. began pursuing Courtney Matthews, Sonny's newfound sibling.

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