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It carries the A178 Middlesbrough to Hartlepool road.

Locally the bridge is often referred to simply as 'the Transporter'.

The improvement works include the installation of a glass viewing lift to the landmark's upper walkway and renovation of the gondola.Following a 1907 Act of Parliament the Bridge was built at a cost of £68,026 6s 8d (equivalent to £6,600,000 in 2016 values), A transporter bridge was chosen because Parliament ruled that the new scheme of crossing the river had to avoid affecting the river navigation.The foundation stones, made of Aberdeen granite, were laid by Mayor of Middlesbrough Thomas Gibson-Poole and Alderman Joseph Mc Lauchlan, the initiator of the transporter bridge scheme.The Tees Transporter Bridge has an overall length (including cantilevers) of 851 feet (259 m), leaving a span between the centres of the towers of 590 feet (180 m), the beam of the bridge being carried at a height of 160 feet (49 m) above the road.The bridge is the longest remaining transporter bridge in the world.

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