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That said, these incidents also serve as a stark reminder of the shortcomings in body camera implementation that we’re seeing around the country.

These incidents show clear violations of the BPD’s activation policy, which requires that the cameras be turned on during all enforcement and investigatory activities—with a search for illegal drugs clearly qualifying as an “investigatory” activity—and which bars termination of that recording during an event until it has concluded, the officer leaves, or a supervisor directs that the recording cease (in which case the reason for ending the recording should be documented on the camera).

The camera requires a micro SD card (not supplied) and I would recommend a 32GB.

It was provided by Andoer a camcorder test sample 360, for a test and a review impartial and hones.

I took it with me to Las Vegas, the Nellis AFB Airshow, and to Disneyland a few times putting it through a through a few hundred photos and videos. Don’t even try to scan the QR scan printed in the direction pamphlet. full review I've had mine for a week, and after playing with it I have to say it works great for us!

This allowed me to really get a feel for the various aspects of this first effort by Samsung. Just a little background, I have had the Gear 360, and the Theta S.

“The group of officers then wait approximately 30 seconds.

Shortly thereafter, another officer asks if the area by that compartment has been searched,” she said.“Nobody responds, and the officer reaches in and locates a bag that appears to contain drugs right by where the prior officer was, and where the car had been thoroughly searched about a half an hour prior with absolutely no results.” a police officer can be seen placing a bag of alleged drugs among debris in a backyard lot, walking out to the street, activating his body camera — which had automatically recorded 30 seconds before activation — and then returning to the alley and recovering the same bag.

But even that is both a violation of BPD policies and of at least three different criminal statutes— those against obstruction of justice, impairment of evidence, and making false statements to public officials concerning crime.

Photos - As someone who used to do the manual way of taking 20 shots with my phone to make a photosphere, this instant way of taking a 360 photo was perfect. The clarity is fantastic and the audio pick up on it is pretty strong as well. The Gear360 and the Theta S both had different problems so we had to return these (Gear360 was out of focus when using it on a hot day) and the Theta S was never able to connect via wifi even after resetting, and doingeverything we could.) The Insta360 has not had any trouble with taking photos or video and the stitch is very good.

No weird 'half human' stitches from people walking between shots. Photos seem pretty sharp for our needs, and the video is slightly better than the Theta, but not as sharp as the 4k Gear360 (when it worked).

I had an issue initially with an earlier version of the camera, but Top Vision was fantastic and agreed to send me a replacement at no charge.

The new camera seems to work well - although I need to spend some more time playing with it.

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I was going to get the Theta S but then I realized the SC was coming out with a better price tag so I decided to do my research. full review I was super excited to see the Andoer 360 camera come onto the market.

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