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Just like Daenys the Dreamer knew for a fact that the doom of Valyria was to happen, Rhaegar Targaryen knew that Seraphina Fireborn will be his. Each year various conflicts arise, threatening to tear their strange relationship apart.Like his ancestors before him, he took what he wanted with fire and blood. Rhaegar/Oc What if it wasn't the men in charge in the 15th century, but rather the women? What if the Wars of the Roses had never happened; if it had been the Howards in charge rather than the Tudors? Perhaps the shadow of hatred lingers and is determined to find a way. Raised in an age of discovery and secrets, Arvella Silaverius is forced into a life that she could have never foreseen.He doesn't know though that she's blind and that her father threatened her to hide her disability or else. Kili/OC/Thorin AU: Perhaps the Seven Kingdoms had been close to war, or perhaps not. "I give you leave that we may always speak freely with each other, honestly, openly and with a true heart.What matters now is that a peace has started taking root. For me, that is the true definition of love." What If Henry and Anne had taken this more to heart and been honest with each other? Will their love destroy them, or lead them into a golden age?Fairy tales tell us of magical kingdoms in far away places.

Whilst the new Queen Jane has been successful in reuniting King Henry with his eldest daughter Elizabeth still remains an outcast. How will things change when Henry comes to find them? Emma and Hook changed a little too much in the past and that sort of thing has consequences. She has never desired a life in the light, but roses cannot bloom in the shade.

(Rating change for later chapters T-M)"My lady, it seems my journey here is not solely to return Dawn. Met with siblings of fortune and terrible temptations, Arvella finds herself torn between what is right, and what she desires.

For the sake of peace between Houses Dayne of Starfall, Stark of Winterfell and Baratheon of King's Landing, the king has commanded me to…to take you as wife." Sacrifices must be made; for honour, for duty, for love, for peace. Beginning not long after HT2, it's a chance for an unexpected second Zing for everyone's favorite Vampire hotel manager. Dodging lies and escaping chilling realities, will she find the strength to change her own existence?

Now she has to deal with a group of criminals and a certain former psychiatrist, who for some reason wants to be her BFF. The Commodore knew everything that he needed about her.

So when he gave her the choice of turning in her brother, turning her back on her family name in order to turn her back on the 'P' on top of her wrist—how could she refuse?

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