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Cassandra was a reader of erotic fiction with an active imagination.

Unlike many, she was interested in ‘transformations,’ and was ready to surrender to someone and allow herself to be changed and used.

One by one, they must enter the foreboding trialsite and face a foe to earn their spot in the church’s priesthood.

But when the trial involved is a test of will to resist the allure of a beautiful temptress, things are rarely as simple as they seem...

At Lorem Ipsum University, sometimes it pays to do a little research on what kind of girls the sororities have.

She’s cleared to resume her heroic duties just in time to face a new threat, a new villainess looking to make a name for herself.Either that or a bunch of college students hooking up in-costume. Tales are spun across the galaxy of their charm and desirability, but as Captain West and his crew soon discover, there is far more to their mysterious visitors than meets the eye...Vendric Wilstead, disdainful of his fellows’ shallow aspirations, aims to chronicle the yet-unknown intricacies of so-called “beast-men” and the cultures thereof.As Eugene prepares to face his brother , a new threat emerges in the horizon, a boy of unknown origins. Sometimes, meeting an e-friend face to face results in a lifetime friendship in the real world.These meetings are worth the effort, the worry, the logistics, the research, the cost, the anticipation, the fear, the knowledge you are going to show yourself up, and the general feeling of unease until the whole fucking thing is over and done with and you can then get back to your writing without the additional distraction of trying to answer her emails and read her stories while writing your own even when it’s obvious her stories are so much better it’s embarrassing and everyone is laughing at you and at how much you’re humiliating yourself in front of all the multitudes. Be careful what you ask for when it comes to mind control.

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