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Why don’t they form deep, personal attachments to every man that they have sex with?It’s because the trigger for hookers, strippers and other sex workers is money — not sex or passion.When most people think about love—they think about the heart.Rarely, are people aware of the fact that we love with our brains. He makes you laugh and you feel at ease in his presence. You can’t stop talking about him to your girlfriends. You’re unable to put a name to what you’re feeling since you’ve never felt it before. By now, you should be pregnant, but he used a condom. Why is that we women get so caught up in our emotions once the Dopamine starts flowing in our brains? You begin tossing hints at him that you “want more from the relationship.” You practically sit by the phone waiting for him to call. All of the feelings and emotions that I have just described are the result of what is called a Dopamine Rush.

The drug dealer’s proverb: applies to dealing with intense feelings too.

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This post is for you single women who are intelligent, articulate and self-confident. Love is a profound sense of responsibility and respect for another human being. But human beings are complex organisms with the ability to make decisions and choices, which makes us stubborn about who we have sex with.

But despite all of your achievements in life, you wonder why love hasn’t found you. So when you care for anyone in your life; your parents, your siblings, your nephews — you are experiencing love. You just don’t have a man to share your life with, and you’re tired of your girlfriends reminding you of that. He comes over and introduces himself to you and your friends. But it is obvious that he is really only interested in you. So in order to break down our sexual inhibitions, and to make sex happen fairly quickly, Dopamine was introduced into our brain chemistry around the start of the Stone Age.

Picture this: you’re a single woman, intelligent, articulate, self-supporting. One night, while out clubbing with your girlfriends, you meet a handsome man in the club. After some small talk, he asks you for your number. Dopamine, along with other sensitive brain chemicals, targets the pleasure center in our brains.

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