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The woman was studying in the formal room of Alpha Phi in the 4700 block of 19th Avenue Northeast about p.m.when she spotted a man standing outside the window, staring at her and "making sexual motions with his tongue," according to the police report.As a nation, a collective love of Louis Theroux is the only thing that truly bonds us. And who couldn’t love him: the documentary filmmaker and real-life angel who has made his career hanging out with sex workers, Nazis, wrestlers, and anyone else who interests him, has become a national treasure over his two-decade long career. Both intentionally and in his apparent naivety and innocence, Theroux and his face are an endless source of laughs even in the most deadly serious of situations. It’s a universal truth that everyone would absolutely marry him in a heartbeat.Linux Lord Linus Torvalds has unloaded as only he can in a post to the Linux Kernel Mailing List.At issue is some new networking code that popped up in what was hoped to be the final version of Linux 4.3.The man then pulled down his pants and masturbated while staring at her, she claimed.The woman screamed and reported him to her housemates. RELATED: Charge: Man exposed himself at White Center library Officers found a man matching the suspect description riding a bike "in an evasive manner" near University Playground and the intersection of Northeast 50th Avenue and Ninth Avenue Northeast, reports indicate. Police brought the woman to take a look at the man and she said it was the same man who was outside the sorority window.

Using comedic terms provides a more socially acceptable way to express themselves.“But what makes me upset is that the crap is for completely bogus reasons.” “This is the old code in net/ipv6/ip6_output.c: and anybody who thinks that the above is (a) legible (b) efficient (even with the magical compiler support) (c) particularly safe is just incompetent and out to lunch.The above code is sh*t, and it generates shit code.So before we talk any more about it, let’s normalise it a bit.Masturbation, or touching one’s own genitals for pleasure, is something that babies do from the time they are in the womb.

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Do you want Louis to find out about it (or has he)? From listening to his various appearances on Adam Buxton’s podcast, I do know he has a good sense of humour.

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