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The research revealed almost a quarter of Brits (21 per cent) have fallen for someone after seeing a picture of them online.

However, the reality is often a crushing blow, as one in five (19 per cent) claimed when meeting their dream date in the flesh, it was usually a “bitter disappointment”.

My sweetie, who had an illustrious career that saw him go from prosecution to his own criminal defense firm to several years as supervising Judge of the Nassau County Criminal Courts, now wants to travel the world -- with me.

Given that I am still actively ghostwriting books, the level of travel he prefers won't work -- even if I didn't have Sophie and Gretchen in my life.

At the same time, I do like to take an occasional trip, and we've gotten back from a river cruise to Eastern Europe (I do not recommend river cruises, just fyi) and are scheduled to go on a romantic vacation to a Sandals resort in St. Needless to say, any trip I take involves elaborate and costly arrangements, and I do miss them like crazy. When you get to our age (he is two years younger, so we are essentially the same age) you come with a LOT of baggage.

Not just literal -- that too of course -- but here are two people who own their own apartments -- his a condo in a gated community on Long Island, mine a spacious UWS co-op -- where I have a staff working daily and clients coming in on a regular basis.

You’ve just had a wonderful first date with a really cute boy/girl/androgynous snowman, and you’re finally feeling like you have it all: love, chocolate, and a quickly multiplying collection of Sarah J. Then, just as you’re getting comfortable, IT happens. After all, there are dozens of books released every week, and you’ve got to stay focused if you want to keep up.

So if you find your adorably androgynous snowman doing any of the following, it’s time to stop, drop, and roll back to your nearest bookstore. Look, anyone who’s going to date you needs to know that, first and foremost, your devotion is to your to-read list.

If I choose to keep the big guy will that mean I have to lose the little fur people?Yes, my spoiled darlings are ferried around in inclement weather, by me and sometimes my personal assistant Layla, in a tricked out dog carriage, complete with blankets, pillows and treats.Sometimes I think I'd like to come back as my own Chihuahua.According to the women who took part in the study, the biggest turn offs include checking a phone every five minutes, flirting with the waitress – or the cardinal sin of using too much fake tan.For men, a date who wears too much make-up, talks about their ex, keeps swearing - or is obsessed with celebrities is an instant turn off, according to the poll.

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