Sex chat rooms no credit cards or registration needed

However, if someone is saying vile and/or hurtful things either to you or about you then that is harassment and you need to report it.

One important note: you MUST submit a screenshot of what the harasser is saying.

Look on the Main Page of this site to find out more about screenshots or click here to go there now.

Fortunately the Ignore Option is your best bet ninety percent of the time.

An email is sent to the account holder but often times the email is returned as undeliverable or it's an old email address that is rarely ever checked.

If you find yourself in a situation such as this and really question the reason behind it please email [email protected] cannot discuss a player's account with others (nor will the sysops).

It also tends to drown out advertisements and other conversations. Please also refrain from using picture macros in the lobbies.

The use of all caps will also get you a frown from the sysops.

That could be a ladder ban, hosting ban, tournament ban or temporary suspension of an account.

Mystic Island's Frequently Asked Questions The following is a collection of information to assist players at Mystic Island. Unless of course you're one of those party goers that everyone dreads seeing walk through the door.

If you have an item that you would like to contribute to this FAQ, please email it to [email protected]*New Players*1. Once you have installed the software you need to register a nickname. Typically stay away from swearing, talk of drug use, your sex life (or lack thereof) and anything that most reasonable adults would find tacky.

It takes quite a bit for us to take action on an account and when we do it's not just because someone is having a bad day.

We also ask that you not convince your friend(s) to send in testimonials on your behalf. How are points allocated in a partnership tournament? The first and second place teams getting most of the points.

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This inclues the abbreviated forms of naughty words. Generally we ask players to show some tact in their conversations.

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