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So, from the end user's perspective, she clicks the text in a particular column header and the data is sorted by that column.For more information on sorting with the Grid View, along with a downloadable demo, check out the Paging and Sorting Report Data tutorial.I created a class named method that is called each time a row is added to the Grid View, including the header row.

When you add timer control to a page, a Javascript component is embedded in to the page.Always use as high intervals as possible, and consider if contacting the server is really necessary or not.I am using Adventure Works provided by Microsoft as datasource. Create a timer “ctl Timer” and place it outside the Update Panel.This property can be a hard-coded connection string or can point to a connection string in a Web.config file as shown in the code given above.The Select Command property specifies the SQL statement to execute to retrieve the data.

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