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I am guessing if he joins, he will continue and eventually pursue a career there, would you move to live with him in France then?

In some situations like the one in your (and my) country, the best option is for both of you to move out for good, no matter how hard that is..

But aren't there any other countries' regular armies where he could join?

Just googled: I don't know how accurate that is but maybe it is worth researching :?

Maybe you will handle it better than me, everyone is different and not everything is for everyone The situation is tricky because in few days i am going to study in Canada see,before we met,i was dating my ex who is in Canada i planned everything up,me and my mom paid for the studies and then bam! But we decided not to leave this idea aside as moving to Canada is a great chance for me to get out and find proper job.As for treatment of soldiers, I imagine it isn't very nice (but isn't that kind of all military bootcamps? My personal concern would be thinking about what type of men he's going to be around.The Legionnaires that I met were a pretty creepy bunch.About his decison concerning Foreign Legion-he really likes it.He was reading and studying about it a lot and he seems to be really satisified with what he learned. thats really really encouraging Good that you decided to continue with the education in Canada!

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What stopped my friend was that "everyone there gets brainwashed".

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