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Mancarella, A new model for evaluating the duration of water flow in the Martian fluvial systems; Session II: Outer Solar System: Exploration and Modelling.

Oliva, Unbiased estimations of atmosphere vortices: the Saturns storm by Cassini VIMSV as case study; M.

Bormio (Sondrio, Italy), February 2–6, 2015, editors: P.

Morisset, A window on the e_ciency of the s–process in AGB stars: chemical abundances of n–capture elements in the planetary nebula NGC 3918; A. Milone, Multiple populations in Globular Clusters from multi–wavelength HST photometry; C.

Tedesco, Recent advances in asteroid polarimetry; Session IV: Laboratory analogues and Astrobiology.

Guido, A comparative SEM morphological study of biogenic and abiogenic carbonates for the search for biostructures on Mars; R.

D' Aversa, A climatological study of the composition of Titan upper atmosphere from VIMS–IR soundings in limb geometry has been carried out for HCN, C2H2 and CH4; M.

Preti, Space Exploration: the future as seen in 2015; Session III: Small bodies of the Solar System: Physical and dynamical characterization.

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Micheli, The NEOShield–2 EU project: the Italian contribution; S.

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