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Radionuclide concentrations were measured using a low background gamma ray spectrometry.

Water content was estimated as per Aitken , the ages cannot be correlated with the stratigraphic sequence, for e.g.

The rest inside part of the tube was used for OSL measurements.

Equal volume of this solution was pipetted into sample tubes (10 mm in diameter) with an aluminum disc at the base. Fine grain polymineral samples were stimulated using IR diodes (870 ± 40 nm) and detection was made in the violet-blue emission window (395 ± 50 nm) using a filter combination of Schott BG-39 and Corning 7–59.

The alcohol was evaporated off at 45°C to obtain a thin (≤20 μm thickness) layer of sample on the discs. The bulk signal was dominated by the signal from feldspar.

The water contents were obtained by the weights of the sections before and after drying.

After measuring the water contents, the dried section samples were used for gamma ray spectrometry to obtain U, Th, and K concentrations.

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