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After receiving his instructions, we decide to show him around the house.He thinks he's going to have a easy time with all of us. As part of his training, we have decided to make sure he understands the importance of listening. We take turns at giving him some instruction, while at the same time having fun with our bitch as we continue pulling him around by the ears and getting him to obey our instructions.

Gli ho messo un cappuccio in testa e gli ho legato le mani dietro la schiena; lui pensava che volessi solo chiuderlo per un po nella gabbia come punizione.Quando ritorno, mi siedo di fronte a lui; mi viene da ridere mentre guardo la sua faccia e lo tiro per il guinzaglio che ho attaccato al suo collare.E' alla mia merce'; lo faccio pendolare avanti e indietro e poi gli schiaccio la mia scarpa dai tacchi altissimi contro la faccia.He gets various tests, like some ponyplay and floor licking, as we make him suffer during his tour of the house.As we have relentlessly had a tight grip on those ears of his, it's safe to say they will be burning and he has been humiliated enough to make sure he knows his place...

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