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I’m reciprocating in a manner that shows I appreciate that your time is both valuable and that you’re choosing to spend it with me, regardless if I think the relationship is going anywhere.”According to Lisa Bonos, a writer and editor for , a Washington Post blog about single life, “A lot (but not all!) men and women want to be in relationships with an equal, and that means someone who has roughly similar earning power and is making similar financial contributions to the relationship.But another common sentiment was that whoever proposed the date should do the paying.

To many, when the man offers to pay and his date graciously accepts, it’s a sign of mutual interest.Of those who said they offered to split the bill on a first date, some women said it would still be nice if their date insisted they didn’t.As one 21-year-old woman said, “I always always offer to pay though, but I love being turned down and having the bill taken care of.Very attractive.”Another set of women said that if their date their offer to split the bill, there would be no second date — but they were in the minority.Why do we feel so strongly that guys should pay for a first date?

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When someone insists on splitting, it is perhaps more likely to be taken as a sign the date has gone awry than as a nod to progressive values. According to Jessica Chou, Senior Editor at Refinery29 who ran the column, “In the long run, I find the best course is to do what you’re comfortable with and actually talk about it.

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