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It may be completely made up as the shape of the arch is typical of the 14thc but the style of the window tracery is later but does not match that of the other windows in the south aisle.Peter Draper South aisle window with so-called Perpendicular tracery in which the head of the window is made up of rectilinear panels and vertical mullions run through to the window arch.The transom (horizontal bar) would have allowed the lower part of the window to have opening shutters, a feature common in secular building but unusual in churches.Peter Draper The western window in the north wall of the nave has the same flowing forms as the chancel window but now in a broader window with three lights.Peter Draper The east window in the north wall of the nave.The square head of this window and the revived use of ogee (reverse curve) arches indicate a 16thc date for this window (though it is much restored).The flowing forms result from the use of reverse curves (so-called ogee arches) at the head of each lancet.Peter Draper The east window of the south aisle was rebuilt in 1887 following the demolition of the Pike Chapel.

More useful as an indication of date in Meldreth church is the form of the windows of which there is a good representative selection covering the whole medieval period.The more elaborate foliate capitals of the north door of the nave, which, though 19thc follow capital designs of the late 12thc, and there would have similar-style capitals on the original south door before it was replaced with the present 15th-century porch.All of these forms are characteristic of the period 1160-1200.Also in the late 13th century, a larger window was inserted into west wall of the tower.This has been completely reconstructed in a later restoration but it illustrates well the way in which the bars of stone (tracery) within the window become much thinner and allow greater freedom in the design of the pattern.

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