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Mr Gibb and Mr Holroyd were supervising the recovery of two vehicles damaged in an earlier accident when they were struck by the car.

Mr Gibson told the jury: 'He was concentrating on something else other than his driving, the road conditions and the road.'The barrister insisted that Morrison, from The Warke, Worsley, near Salford, was distracted by his phone as he drove at 'excessive speed' in poor weather.

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Morrison said he has been devastated by the consequences of the accident he caused, and thought about the people whose lives were affected every single day.

Peter Morrison, 37, lost control of his Mercedes ML 4x4 on the M6 near Shap, Cumbria, in February last year.

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The six-day trial heard how experts who examined Morrison's Apple i Phone after the crash found that he had sent and received messages before he lost control.

Morrison lost control of the vehicle, crashing into the hard shoulder and hitting highways trafic officer Adam Gibb (pictured), of Penrith, and his colleague Paul Holroyd, of Kirkby Stephen.

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