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I have never had so many discussions about what to call significant others, the idea of saying "your" or "my" with regards to a human, etc. Your door is open if you remember/find your doorstop otherwise, knock and you shall be received. Your friends are the people you meet down the hall who own the xbox, the people you meet who like to watch corny youtube videos with you, the people you meet in class who like to complain about the assignment due friday with you, the people you admire, the people you play sports with, the people who you jam with on the weekends. At 2 am you are either - at a party with your friends listening to techno and watching your friends act Crazy, at the dance club dressed in matching outfits with your best friend trying to figure out a way to get the lead singer to make out with you after the show, snuggling with your significant other, watching really lame yet hilarious youtube videos of gerbils eating broccoli or being a diligent student and finishing that paper in the 24hr study lounge with your music, cold pizza and/or cupcakes and the other kids in your class who need to finish that same paper. Sports events...it's like they don't even exist. People party a lot, but it's low key, hang out and have a few beers in my friend's room kind of partying. There is plenty to do on weekends if you're not into partying.I also really enjoy attending lectures on topics of interest usually in the biology or classics departments but sometimes another department's lecture will catch my interest.Most lectures are well attended by students and faculty in the field of interest.But, hey, I'm not knocking anything that's for a good cause.The most recent date auction manifestation was hosted on Saturday by the HIV Peer Educators to raise money for the organization Keep A Child Alive, which provides HIV/AIDS treatment and support to people in six countries. Maybe it's because it's mad embarrassing to have to buy a date on Valentine's Day? If you're involved in things you're hot, if you're like me, cross country running makes you a fine (hard to catch) catch. Theater and Musical theater clubs are very popular and put on lots of shows, though our student theater spaces leave something to be desired (namely, more space). The conductor is awesome and everyone in the choir really loves to sing, and everyone's quite friendly. Guest speakers are pretty common and popular, as is theater. The dating scene is *awkward* I mean, we try, but sometimes it can be discouraging. I met my closest friends eating in a co-op with them. Also we live in the same dorm which is a program house.There are so many things to go to, take advantage of as many musical, theater, art, athletic, and club events as you can and you will be happy as a clam. If you're not drinking you could be, sledding, urban climbing, tightrope walking, movie screening, running, playing video games, studying, at a movie, out to Cleveland, baking, making dorm mischief, dance party! Hardcore loud crowded parties definitely happen if you're into that, but there is no Greek life. There is always some performance going on- often several.

That is to say, many people believe that it doesn't exist. Maybe it's the age, maybe it's the conformity, maybe it's awkwardness, but ask any Oberlin student and they will say that Oberlin is not a place to "date."If there is a couple in your general vicinity, they would probably not claim to be dating, unlike high school. I don't really like the fruit (the dried variety, I mean, the fresh is delicious), first of all, but I also think that the social connotation of the word "date" are ridiculously overrated. When you're really busy, a date is a reason to stop doing the everyday and do something different, with someone who is cool.

I had an exam on Monday so I spent the rest of the evening studying. Excos are awesome, one credits student taught classes.

They can be on languages, dancing, karate, story telling, juggling, you name it.

There are a few levels of couplehood at Oberlin: the so-clingy-they-might-as-well-be-married couple, the we're-sleeping-together-but-you'd-only-know-that-if-you-asked-us-personally-and-even-then-we-will-probably-be-elusive-about-it couple, and the people-who-like-each-other-and-you-know-they're-together-but-they-don't-advertise couple. I have dates, with many people, all the time, to dinner, lunch, the movies, the library, anything that isn't part of the daily schedule and is fun to boot (I'm also a social whore, but we're not going to get into that right now). It doesn't have to end with a good night hug/kiss (though those are nice too). Well, my friend Sandhya and I created a monster back in our freshman year, and it's begun to manifest itself in strange ways. " mentality, we decided to hold a fundraising date auction, with all the proceeds going to malaria relief, because god knows that Obies will flock to a good cause more quickly than the possibility of a date.

Sandhya got the idea from a friend at Johns Hopkins, and a bit of research showed that it was a relatively new and creative idea and could bring in a bunch of money for a good cause.

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