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Concealing his gaze behind designer sunglasses, the son of wealthy resources businessman Nick Curtis, accessorised further with a simple black cap.

Noticeably missing from both Roxy and Oliver's attire however, were their wedding bands.

In the age of powerful internet search engines and social networking it is too easy for anyone (husband, boss, clients, co-workers, parents etc.) to connect your name to recently published, intimate pictures or videos that have been uploaded onto the internet. While we cannot stop what has already happened we want to stop this tragic situation from happening to you, your family or friends.

Styling her blonde locks in relaxed waves, the mother-of-two sported a flawless complexion and a coating of nude lipstick over her plump pout.

Meanwhile, Oliver, 31, traded prison greens for head-to-toe black, wearing a long-sleeved top paired with tailored shorts and white trainers.

' She replied: 'Yes the children are very happy.' 'Are you happy? Roxy responded: 'Yes, of course'The Daily Telegraph reported however that Oliver told fellow inmates he would forgive the PR queen for her 'indiscretions' over the past year if she would look past his 'mistakes that put him in jail'.

The Saturday following Oliver's release, Roxy reportedly cancelled a 'welcome home' bash at the 11th hour, instead opting for a quiet night at home.

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The adorable tot wore a white T-shirt, a blue and white tracksuit and Nike trainers.

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