Tips on updating a resume

Under this time frame the most important aspect will be the titles that you listed on the resume, so make sure they grab the attention.

Try to be as descriptive as possible, giving the employer a good idea about the nature of your past work experiences.

One small typo and your chances of getting hired could slip.

Proofreading it once is not enough, so do it twice, three times or as many as necessary.

As long as you don’t go over the edge, all the marketing efforts that you can put in your resume (in its content, design, delivery method and so on) will give you an advantage over the other candidates. Don’t include irrelevant information Irrelevant information such as political affiliation, religion and sexual preference will not help you. You should be able to identify what profile they are looking for and how the information should be presented. Get someone else to review your resume Even if you think you resume is looking kinky, it would be a good idea to get a second and third opinion about it.For example: Bad title: Accounting Good title: Management of A/R and A/P and Recordkeeping 5.Proofread it twice It would be difficult to emphasize the importance of proofreading your resume.Guess what, if your resume doesn’t have the keywords related to the job you are applying for, you will be out even before the game starts. Check the job description and related job ads for a clue on what the employer might be looking for.You can read more about resume keywords on the article Tapping the Power of Keywords to Enhance Your Resume’s Effectiveness. Use effective titles Like it or not, employers will usually make a judgment about your resume in 5 seconds.

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Mentioning that you used to sell hamburgers when you were 17 is probably not going to help you land that executive position. Go with what you got If you never had any real working experience, just include your summer jobs or volunteer work.

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