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When comparing individual differences between morphological groups, we adjusted for age at diagnosis of endometrial cancer and study, using linear regression in the case of continuous variables and a 'modified' Poisson approach with robust standard errors [] with time since diagnosis of endometrial cancer (follow-up time) as the implicit regression time scale and stratification by (adjustment for) attained age (which also is an adjustment for age at endometrial cancer diagnosis since: age at endometrial cancer diagnosis = attained age - survival time since diagnosis), calendar period and, as appropriate, morphology and FIGO stage.Tests for trend were calculated using continuous data.The cases of endometrial cancer from the original Dutch study were supplemented with patients diagnosed from 1989 to 2003 (the TAMARISK (Tamoxifen Associated Malignancies: Aspects of Risk) retrospective cohort) [], except diagnosis of endometrial cancer was at least 12 months after breast cancer (rather than three months).In addition, a further 179 Dutch patients diagnosed from 2003 to 2006 were included, with endometrial cancer at least three months after breast cancer, from the prospective component of the TAMARISK study [ Vital status, date of most recent follow-up, or date of death and cause, were obtained from medical records, general practitioners or clinicians, and municipal population registries.All deaths were linked through 'Statistics Netherlands' [ Vital status and cause of death were ascertained from hospital case-notes when the initial study data were collected (1996 to 1999).

Patients were excluded if they had had a cancer (other than non-melanoma skin cancer or cervical cancer or breast cancer).

Women with deaths due to causes other than the cause under study in cause-specific analyses were treated as censored on their dates of death.

Where it was not possible to distinguish between breast and endometrial cancer as cause of death the patients ( = 38) were excluded from the main analysis and tables but were included, with a survival time of one day and one year, in sensitivity analyses.

We used Cox proportional hazards survival analysis to estimate hazard ratios (HRs) and 95% confidence intervals (CI).

A total of 1,104 deaths occurred during, on average, 5.8 years following endometrial cancer (32% attributed to breast cancer, 25% to endometrial cancer).

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The case series from three case-control studies of endometrial cancer after breast cancer were pooled.

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