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Sir Benjamin Greenacre was a town councillor (1871 - 18 - 97 and Mayor of Durban (1875-76, 1889-1892, 1897 - 1898, and Knighted when the future King George visited Natal in 1901. 65 Photos The Elephant House on Durban's Berea is the oldest surviving house in Durban, which was restored in 1972 by Brian and Elaine Agar who bought it from the Murchie family who had owned the house for the previous 100 years.

The original owner of the house was Thomas Milner who built it in 1850 and used it as a week end retreat.

Many of the older early 19th Century buildings are being torn down and replaced with glass & columns.

The Berea is home to many old schools like DHS, Maris Stella and Durban Girls College.

The original Company became the Union Whaling Company which was ultimately sold to the Japanese in 1956/7.45 Photos This gallery of the Berea main roads features the residences and flats in the area.Many of these old homes are being demolished and redeveloped or converted into commercial establishments.The Art Deco movement spread throughout the world between 19 and this style is still being used in buildings such as the Suncoast Casino and adjacent hotel.Art Deco broke from the popular colonial buildings of the time that dominated Durban.

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