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All these songs are my way of responding to God's sustaining grace in my life.

I love to worship and feel captured by the Father when I just can't seem to breathe on my own; I love to dance because it's so freeing and injects so much fun and joy into my life; and I'm still over the moon excited about sharing my faith and hope with those that feel like leaning in for a listen." This is the first time I came across this artist.

Or perhaps you even heard Max Lucado or Charles Stanley refer to Tammy’s amazing testimony of God’s faithfulness in a hopeless situation, during one of their sermons.'I can tell you are grieving, and it's more than just a cry. ' I said, 'Yes.' She said, 'You have lost somebody, haven't you? We hugged some more, and she began to clean my room. He still beckons us today with these words: 'All of you that are heavy laden, come unto me and I will give you rest.' That is His promise to us, and He sealed it with His blood.SCOTT: There are obviously thousands of people who are identifying with you right now in this. I could barely walk, and I could barely see, and I was trying to make it to the bathroom. Where is the fairy tale ending that 'they lived happily ever after?I just fell to the ground and I said, 'Jesus, I just need to feel just one angel holding me. I got enough strength to stand up and I walked into my room. ' Why would a loving God allow such a Godly, caring man to die so suddenly and tragically? But maybe, just maybe, Trent's life was taken just for you.

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