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First, they would like the city to appeal the approval to demolish Barry Farm and to stop any plans to move forward with the process.Both companies have other properties based in the District. Typically — and particularly in Washington — the rate of return for public housing recipients has been low, as can be seen in other housing projects that were destroyed to make way for mixed-income housing, such as Capper/Carrollsburg, Temple Courts and Lincoln Heights.Mint Press News visited the neighborhood and saw some of the fruits of this initiative, including the Barry Farm Recreational Center, which features a gym, game room, computer lab and other facilities. Turé, who has done empirical studies on the situation, told Mint Press, “The rate [of return] in D. is something in the area of 8 percent.” He referenced as an example Valley Green, a housing project located in Southeast, which had 300 households.Meanwhile, another 29 percent had moved to other public housing, 33 percent had moved to rental housing using vouchers provided by the government, and 18 percent had “left assisted housing altogether.” The study explains that some former residents experienced “considerable instability” and even became homeless.As a caveat to the seeming destitution faced by residents who are forcibly removed, the Urban Institute report noted that advocates for HOPE VI argued that residents go in and out of public housing frequently, so a low percentage of returning residents is not a problem.

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