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Nikon's game-changing D3 was still three years off, and Olympus and Pentax had quietly retreated from the professional SLR market, leaving Canon at the top of the tree.The EOS-1D Mark II had the best sensor and the best autofocus system of any professional DSLR and (arguably) benefited from the best lens lineup, too.

It was from a similar position on the same stage that I was accidentally kicked in the head by a crowd-surfing metal fan a few months later. Compared to my 10D, the 1D Mark II was a racehorse. The smile of a man who can barely afford to pay rent, but who's having a good time anyway.Suddenly I could shoot at ISO 1600 and upwards without worrying too much about noise, and take more than a handful of Raw files in a sequence (at 8 fps, no less) without the camera locking up. I could use off-center autofocus points without fear. It was the first camera I ever really loved, is the point. This is a selfie taken on the balcony of the Newcastle Carling Academy in 2005, before 'selfie' was even a word. By today's standards, its most obvious deficiency is the small rear LCD screen, which isn't sharp enough to judge critical focus with any degree of confidence. I'd forgotten how obsessed Canon used to be with preventing accidental button input in its professional cameras.So when I found a used 1D Mark II in my local camera store last year for a couple of hundred dollars (Glazers Camera in Seattle - be sure to visit if you're ever in town) I couldn't resist. Even something as simple as scrolling through images or navigating the menu requires a cramp-inducing combination of 'press, hold, scroll, press again' actions that take a while to learn.Can we all just agree that this is a good-looking camera? In keeping with a lot of late-2000s reboots, the Mark III ditched the friendly curves for sharper, more aggressively-sculpted edges. Inevitably, after more than a decade my ardor has cooled a little. I used to be able to operate the Mark II entirely by muscle memory, but shooting with it again recently I was struck by how complicated it seems compared to more modern cameras.Fussy user interface aside, when the EOS-1D Mark II is placed alongside the current EOS-1D X Mark II it's amazing how little some things have changed.

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