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• Mathematics and geometry — Children learn number recognition, counting, decimal system, adding, subtraction, multiplying and dividing numbers through hands-on learning using concrete materials.• Cultural subjects — Children learn Geography, zoology, time, history, music, movement, science, and art.It also stresses the importance of adapting the child’s learning environment to his or her developmental level, and of the role of physical activity in absorbing abstract concepts and practical skills.In the Montessori classroom teachers act as guides and observers so that they can recognize when students are passing into a sensitive period and are ready for an individual lesson on a work that will interest them and that they will willingly grasp.Montessori method is characterized by an emphasis on self directed activity on the part of the child and the importance and connection of all living things, and the need for each person to find meaningful work and his or her own place in the world.

Montessori also works well for children with special needs.Local Preschools include: Wake Forest Montessori, Philosophy According to Rudolf Steiner, founder of the first Waldorf school at the Waldorf Astoria cigarette factory in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1919, a person is made up of three aspects — spirit, soul, and body.Waldorf schools approach learning in early childhood through imitation and example.• Sensorial— This area requires children to learn through the use of all five senses. Children will grade colors from light to dark, sort items from smoothest to roughest, tallest to shortest and so on.• Language arts — Children express themselves verbally and are taught to trace, recognize letters, and learn their phonetic sounds as a precursor to learning reading, spelling, grammar, and handwriting skills.

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