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Its the anti-shotgun approach; be the opposite of the real life equivalent of a copy-paste message.Treat her like a human being and show a real interest in her as a whole person.Men also use their dating accounts more, according to a 2010 study of online dating published in American Economic Review (pdf): Men view three times more profiles than women, and send three times as many first-contact emails.Ashley Madison is an extreme example of this male-heavy ratio.

There's no problem with this by itself, but there are many unintended effects on dating dynamics. All of these tracks of thought are easily transferred to normal dating.He found that inequality on dating apps is stark, and that it was significantly worse for men.The top 1% of guys get more than 16% of all likes on the app, compared to just over 11% for the top 1% of women.A good technical explanation of the Gini can be found here, but the important thing to know is that the Gini is measured on a 0-1 scale, with zero being a perfectly equal society and 1 being completely unequal.Ashley Madison’s hack gave insight to a world where millions of men swapped messages with female-impersonator bots.

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