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The CGP alumni network allows you to stay connected as a member of the CGP academic and professional community. Within our unique programs we invite you to explore the multiple challenges of the twenty-first century.Help us maintain and enlarge the ties that were built during your studies at the CGP beyond the duration of your study programs. You will develop an understanding of the interdependent nature of seemingly diverse issues as migration, changing security issues, and environmental degradation.There being only 5 ATI in Africa in 2010, the Network’s initial goal was to support campaigns for adoption of ATI laws until 2014 when implementation was integrated in our strategy following adoption of ATI laws by 9 additional countries.AFIC and its membership have generated vast knowledge and experience.

This information was shared with the congregations there yesterday. The International District Apostle Meeting was focused on both strategic and theological topics of discussion. The District Church of Kenya is reporting that there has been a fatal traffic accident: Apostle Patrick Baridi Otuo (63) unexpectedly passed into the beyond following an automobile accident on Wednesday, 11 October 2017. A look back, the current status, and a look ahead to our new concept of ministry: for the first time, the international leader of the New Apostolic Church, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider, took a personal position on the ongoing deliberations. As of 2 October 2017, the New Apostolic Church in Luxembourg has been a full member in the country’s Council of Christian Churches (CCC).Lifeline Crisis Chat is available in the United States and its territories.If you are visiting from outside the US, please check out Unsuicide for a list of online options for help around the world.No person can make you whole – happiness comes from within.If you notice that when you talk to adults in a family gathering or even at work you begin to talk down to them or catch yourself picking up after everyone it is certainly time for some more adult interaction.

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The unanimous resolution is the result of a year’s worth of open and trusting collaboration on a national level. Last Sunday the vast District Apostle district of Australia received a new District Apostle Helper: after his ordination to the Apostle ministry, Apostle Peter Schulte (53) was assigned as a District Apostle Helper.

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  1. Between 324 and 330, Constantine built a new imperial capital at Byzantium on the Bosphorus (it came to be named for him: Constantinople)–the city employed overtly Christian architecture, contained churches within the city walls (unlike "old" Rome), and had no pagan temples.

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