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Learn All About the Different File Types on Your Computer Computer extensions can have such confusing names and functions.

If you're like me, you will appreciate this guide to 12 different file types!

You'll Be Astounded to Know About These 8 Android Secrets There's a lot more we can do with our smartphones than we first imagine, as is evidenced by these 8 great secrets. Phone Tip: 6 Great Free Apps to Edit Photos On Your Phone!

Love taking photos with your smartphone, but aren't always happy with the end result?

The Discover Music section will show you what music is currently trending.

In other words, you’ll get to see what other people are listening to via a series of big tiles that fill your computer screen.

This allows you to keep track of all the songs you’ve enjoyed listening to while on the Listen On Repeat site.

The Playlist section gives you two different options for storing your favorite music in easy-to-use lists.

Simply slide the pink circles along the bar in order to set the start and end points for the song.

Then why don't you give these free photo editing apps a try? Here's How Although Windows Paint seems like it isn't capable of very much on first glance, there are actually many things that it's capable of. This is How Tech Giants Try to Get YOUR Attention...

This TED Talk explains how the world's giant tech companies are locked in a ferocious battle - for our time and attention.

Keep An Eye On Your Kid's Smartphone Usage With These Apps As parents, we all become concerned about or children's smartphone usage.

The 6 great monitoring apps will ensure their safety for your peace of mind.

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