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ercd to sneak a picture of Hunt Vernon - to Dallas. Facts Forum He wag than an oil driller whose and two daughters.' .. has branched out into radio and operations were undistinguished O'* Ws sons left school at the television network shows. In Lake Village today theyj is od 222 radio stations.

no na- Geor 8 e Washington, he lives in a where Facts Forum activities are tional magazine would have both- five-times-larger copy of Mount being created.

I looked for these women on facebook and guess what? Luckily I was always told if something is too good to be true, it usually is so I did not sign up my advise would be for people to search social media for these people flirting and emailing you and if you can't find them then there is your answer.

I am impressed that you posted my challenge to your integrity at all. The site your plugging making themselves look that stupid, reflects baddly.

newspapers In a series of articles on the organization • known as Fact«HFonii H. BAGDIKIAN ' ' k‘, ' % £ Providence Journal Staff Writer T 1 . Haroldson Lafayette Hunt of Dallas, Texas, may be the richest man In America, which, if true, ordinarily would be of only passing interest. was^H^-Hunt Jvhoj Forum spent about 3200 000 tax- a deplorable tendency among his^S? It can Part^’.^ PQ^illty ^^resldent of Wu^ ^ 35 a(3d . v ^ ; ; • But there are some startling de- murrers. a “non- 1 partisan educational** enterprise.' One of Washington's better known Washington correspondents, Carle- ton Kent, of the Chicago Sun- i Times, offered money for merely ! Neither the eloquence of a Churchill, it seemed, nor the Editor’s Note— This , second of six articles on The ] Big Dealers,” the wealthy Texans who have been pour- ing part of their millions into politics.

Its purposes, Its personnel, it* financial sponsors, including millionaire Texas oilman. Who 'These and many other questions ■ about this little known ''educational association’' are answered here,. Ll E° r ^ acres at anlfree dollars, and the Hunts cave fellow Americans to demand wel-ri 3 ^ 1 * 3 ?? ed least four regiwal of- as Presently constituted e d States^ HTihinks the same^d ficcs With paid organizers (one in d J. Once Hunt was VJs5on activities on a coast-to-coast asked by a reporter if he was one sca te* of Mc Carthy’s “angels** and Hunt; So there is reason to believe that grinning, replied: “I think that's 3200,000 expenditures of th#* ^ (stretching it a little.** •_ early months of Facts Forum is f wily a ^fraction of the current budget In those early months, the ;| Approval Lacking / . interviewing a senator on Fa&s : Forum, declared: T *1 wouldn't touch that organiza J tion with a ten-foot pole.** Senator Estes Kefauver who ap- peared in one of the first Facts Forum television broadcasts, said; *1 wish I knew then what I know now about that organization.'* Sen. Scarcely anything has been known of these men who have been making their influence felt from coast to coast.

But then you defended yourself in the manner of a true pro.

Once I paid I got nothing since.i try to conversate and I get no response that's how I know it's a scam I would like a refund but I've been Scamed and I have to get a new credit card thanxs assholes.

ar1 - a P r ti Others paid JFacts Forum 3219,000 tax-free doi fare cervices from the federal gov4 a y era g es as bigh as 3400 an. P l/ danger0Usiy radlca I tend- Sena tor Mc Carth y, a fnena~^~Ms Hunt ’s birthplace, Vandalla, ID.) * ... i : Despite High Aims 1 ^^ ■ ► With such admirable aims an- ; ^unced by . Warren Magnuson, who ap- peared on the first Facts Forum television show with Senator Mc- Carthy, was asked to make another Facts Forum appearance but de- clined. Wby there should be such un- precedented distrust erf a "non- partisan educational'* organization will be discussed in later articles. So The Washington Post sent Eddie Folliard, its Pulitzer Prizewinning re- porter, to Texas to find out what they think, feel and hope for in American public life. | Hunt is convinced that the [world situation today, with Russia having sway over 600 million people, was plotted Washington, D. He told me, with some feet ing, that Russia’s expansion— (the gobbling up of Poland ana other satellites and the move- ment of China into the Com- Imunist orbit— must have been “conceived and managed in Washington.

Facts Forum, one 1 would expect unanimous approval. tfoxas Big Dealers j ' i Wir A • — r : — ' ■ ■ ■; ■ W I Bpnt Campaign C yt** jielped Anti-Reds | . And he told me also that those American boys who were tortured and slaughtered in Korea were betrayed by the same "disloyal” people who “surrendered” to Russia five I years before.

1 The “town meeting** idea has always been popular in this coun- try. “Anybody who has any sense must agree to that,” Hunt said, and added that he didn t see twhy it was even necessary to say it .

And, indeed, many national figures have expressed publicly their full support of Facts Forum. „ I saw Hunt in his office on [the seventh floor of the Mercan- tile Bank Building, one of Dal- las' skyscrapers.

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J About 8,000 persons over the ,( tc/ country are questioned in the r orum’s twice-a-month polls on na- tional problems. At the age of 3, it} Unlike some °f his Texas oil flpl- 315 stations on free time. produces the American Broadcast- but he had to leave the fourth ing 00* television-radio half-hour; grade to go to work. Thus-jg on its two network shows is now in about 1920 Haroldson Hunt got the ^ negotiation to add the MBS half- whiff of oi L v •- | hour radio program, "Reporters’ By 1930 he was doing moderate- Roundup" to the growing list of ly well, wildcatting around Van Fa cts j Rprum activities, Zandt country, just east of Dal-: Tfie man behind this growing na- las and Scurry County, 250 miles tionfel organization is probably the ‘to the west. Sponsors "Facts F Governor Shivers.” 6 ' college oyer $2 million.

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