Are eric stein and jessica hughbanks still dating

Im going to weigh in on the news in my own special way this week.

John Conyers announced his retirement from Congress after several women came forward with sexual harassment charges against him.

We will do our very best to be fair in reporting on this story, which has been forced into the spotlight by what appears to be an inevitable lawsuit.

Wednesday morning we received notice of the winners of the write-in campaign for city council.

What we need to remember is Myers leaves behind people that cared about him.

Appropriate care should be given to his family if there is fault found. Its very sad and I wish I didnt even have to address it, but I hate seeing this play out on Facebook news feeds.

North Korea is still rattling a saber at us by launching more ICBMs into the sea of Japan.

Normally, it would just be another day, but each time he does it, it makes me sick to my stomach because my son is attached to the Marines there and they will be the first to deploy in the event of a war.

Nick says, "I dont care as long as I get to come home for Christmas. The 2018 Winter Olympics are scheduled to be held in South Korea. The Russian Olympic Committee was suspended on Tuesday from the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea over the 2014 Sochi doping scandal. The Supreme Court wrestled with a clash between religious freedom and LGBT rights on Tuesday as it heard arguments from a Colorado baker who refused to make a cake to celebrate a same-sex couple's marriage because he believes that God designed marriage to be between a man and a woman.. People get pretty "bold" when it comes to Facebook and comments. We printed the story on the motion and response in last Mondays Gyp Hill Premiere.

Myers death is already being commercialized in a sickening way.

We also need to remember our actions from the past in situations that involve investigating of the actions of law enforcement.

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Mike Roe and Norm Clouse have served the city of Medicine Lodge for 8 years on the council. Their decision to serve in the first place came with great sacrifice and whether or not you like what theyve done during their terms, they have both served the city honorably.

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