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These criminals—who also troll social media sites and chat rooms in search of romantic victims—usually claim to be Americans traveling or working abroad. While their most common targets are women over 40 who are divorced, widowed, and/or disabled, but every age group and demographic is at risk. You’re contacted online by someone who appears interested in you.He or she may have a profile you can read or a picture that is e-mailed to you.We don’t often admit it, and we don’t like to talk about it, but being a person with disabilities out in public, on your own, or even home alone, can be a really scary situation.What happens if you fall out of your wheelchair and can’t get back in? What if your muscles seize up and you find your mobility even more limited?Even worse, what if you are targeted by an aggressive individual on the street?Criminals can sometimes view people with disabilities as easy targets.This device, called the Guardian Angel, is a necklace or bracelet that has a button hidden within it to ring your cell phone.While this may seem a cheap trick, it can certainly defuse a potentially dangerous situation by making your aggressor think you’ve got someone on the line.

While the FBI and other federal partners work some of these cases—in particular those with a large number of victims or large dollar losses and/or those involving organized criminal groups—many are investigated by local and state authorities.Along with the help message, the device sends a link to your current location.The device costs 0 and was designed by marketing communications brand JWT Singapore, following a conversation with the Singapore-based Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE).For weeks, even months, you may chat back and forth with one another, forming a connection. But ultimately, it’s going to happen—your new-found “friend” is going to ask you for money.So you send assured the requests won’t stop there.

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The pictures you were sent were most likely phony lifted from other websites.

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