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Then there are the "tough Jews" who are soldiers and rebels.

There are some movies about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and other movies about Defiance against the Nazis.

So now, as the shoes are at least eight years old, worn and tattered, showing signs of retirement, I look ahead to my new friends for my feet: And maybe I should set myself a reminder for this time next year to look into getting a new pair of -- gotta say it -- solemates.

Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber as two tough Jews in 'Defiance.' Back in 2002, a dude named Adam Weitz wrote a jokey list titled "Films about Tough Jews." The list, in its entirety, was: The Ten Commandments Casino Hardy-har-har.

"Thank you, oven mitts, for keeping my hands from getting burned as I baked cookies for my friends. I hope you make someone else very happy." Thanking items before discarding them allows you to think about how items have more than their face value. So I'd like to use this post to thank my old gym shoes. According to my Fitbit, which I've worn daily since November 2013, I've walked nearly 3,000 miles over the past three years.

And these gym shoes have literally supported me every step of the way (except for those somewhat painful mid-workday walks with coworkers when I'm wearing flats).

I could not remember the last time I bought new gym shoes. Is there a chance that these well-loved shoes were more than 10 years old?Movies about such tough Jews include the one about Bugsy Siegel and the one about Meyer Lansky.Jewish mobsters Moe Green (based on Siegel) and Hyman Roth (based on Lansky) appear in the Godfather films, too.No movie yet …) to Barney Ross and Max Baer (unfairly maligned in Cinderella Man).The Israeli victims of the Munich Olympics massacre included three weightlifters and two wrestlers.

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